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Wedding Coordinators and Planners - What's the Difference and Why Do You Need Them?

Planning your wedding is one mammoth of a task that can make anyone want to elope. But before you start thinking about hopping on a flight to Vegas, let's talk about two main players that can make things a bit easier: wedding coordinators and planners.

First up, we have the wedding coordinator, who's kind of like a party superhero. They fly in closer to the big day and focus on executing all the plans you've made up until that point. They're all about making sure everything runs flawlessly on the day itself, from setting up chairs to making sure the DJ doesn't play the Macarena until it's time to bust a move.

Now, let's talk about the wedding planner! These guys are like your own personal wedding fairy godmothers, there for you from the moment you start planning until the last dance of the night. They'll help you choose venues that fit your vision, suggest vendors, and work with you to design a timeline of the day's events. They're a total support system, offering advice and helping you stay on track as you plan every single detail of your big day.

At the end of the day, a wedding coordinator is a superhero focused on executing and coordinating the big day, while a wedding planner is your ultimate partner-in-crime who helps you plan, design, and execute every single detail with ease. So whether you're ready to fly in your party superhero or your personal wedding fairy godmother, just know that there's always someone there to make sure your big day is everything you ever dreamed of!


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