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You've got the ring on your finger.. now lets make it official!

Before we get going, its good to remember that if you are planning on completing marriage counseling and you bring the form to the registrar with you - you get a pretty big discount!

To get your marriage license, bring the completed marriage license application or it submit online to your county registrars office. You will both need to be in person and show proof of age (a drivers license will do). Also remember to bring a form of payment with you! This is usually about $100 after the discount!

The signing of your marriage license usually takes place immediately before or after your wedding ceremony (or it can be cute to work this into your ceremony somehow)! Depending on the county, the bride and groom, along with two witnesses will need to sign, as well as your officiant. The witnesses can be anyone, but traditionally this is the best man and maid of honor.

After the ceremony, your officiant is responsible for completing and mailing this in. You will receive your official marriage license in the mail within a few months.


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