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Rehearsal Tips + Tricks

In over 250 weddings, I have found that as the family and wedding party you are so excited to support your friends on their big day and greatly appreciate some guidance on how to do that best! Here are my top tips and tricks for how to help your besties get hitched!

Wedding Party:

- Let the couple in front of you make it halfway down the aisle before starting. However, remember that the coordinator will be there tomorrow to cue you.

- Leave 5 feet between the couple and the wedding party for photos.

- If there is a unity table, it typically goes behind the groomsmen. Practice shifting all of the guys out of the way so guests can see.

- Readers can typically use the same microphone as the officiant. Practice the officiant stepping to the bride's side and the reader coming up behind the groom.

- Bridesmaids, hold flowers at your belly button.

- Groomsmen, cross your hands right over left.

Maid of Honor:

- When the bride gets to the front, take her flowers and pass them to the next person in line so you can fluff her dress.- After the first kiss, give her back her flowers.

Best Man:

- Discuss when you will need to pass the rings to the officiant.


- Pass out programs, starting 30 mins prior

- Guests can sit anywhere. extended family are welcome to sit in the second row. first row is reserved for immediate family.

- Ensure the aisle seats get filled.

- After ceremony, dismiss by row after the wedding party has exited, starting in the front.

Giving of the Bride:

- Stop at the front row of chairs.

- Wait for the officiant to ask, "Who gives this woman to be married?"

- Respond with either "I do" or "We do."

- Hug the bride, shake hands with the groom, and place the bride's hand in his.

The Couple

- During the ceremony, join hands the whole time!

- After you kiss, WAIT for the officiant to pronounce you husband and wife!

- Remember to practice your kiss and a kiss for when you are half way down the aisle

End of Ceremony:

- Once the couple shares their first kiss, turn and face the audience for the introduction.

- Get the flowers back from the maid of honor before taking off.

- Remember, your photographer will guide you out of the aisle with instructions to kiss and dip for a fun photo!

- For a receiving line, get far away from the aisle entrance to avoid clogging the guests.


- After the bride and groom are completely out of the aisle, then the maid of honor and best man can meet in the middle and go.

- Everyone just wait until the couple in front of you is four rows of chairs deep, and then meet in the middle and go.

- Once the wedding party is gone, ushers can start dismissing row by row.


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