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Wedding Day Packing Tips

Packing up all of the stuff for your wedding is a big task! Below are a few helpful tips that we have picked up from our past experience.

  • Label boxes by where you want them to go - not by what is in them! It helps your set up crew know your vision.

  • Alphabetize your escort cards! This takes up lots of time on the wedding day if you forget.

  • Bag things by table number! Its so helpful to be able to walk to a table and unpack everything you need.

  • Do your craft projects at home and make sure your pictures are already in their frames! Get everything assembled before you come so you aren’t in a rush on the big morning.

  • Unbox or unwrap whatever you can! Things like sparklers and votives that come pre-wrapped, should all arrive to the venue unpackaged to make for easy set up.

  • Put your tea candles inside the votives and pop the wicks up. It will make it easier to light them.

  • Napkins need to come pre folded! It can be helpful to get them a little damp to keep the creases nice and sharp!

  • Remember lighters, scissors, and other set up tools.

  • Don’t pack too many extra "just in case" things. It winds up being more work to just load in and out of the trailer.

  • Pack your linens last so they are the first thing to come out of the trailer at the venue!

  • Pack your alcohol first so it is the last thing to come out of the trailer at the venue.

  • Pack by space so it is easy to drive over to the ceremony space and drop off.


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